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Dr. Hugo Bonilla is a nationally recognized prosthodontist – a tooth replacement and restoration specialist, serving Northern Virginia, including Fairfax. As a way to say thank you to our Fairfax neighbors for making the drive to our Annandale dental office, Dr. Bonilla will include a free 3D Cone Beam Scan (a $450 value) plus 2 free cleanings*. Don’t put off a beautiful smile any longer. It’s easy and free to get started.
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* All dental implant consultations will include the 3D Cone Beam scan. All full-arch implant patients who choose to move forward with treatment will receive 2 cleanings free during the first year after treatment completion. Call our office for full details. Some restrictions apply.

Are Dental Implants Right for You?

What the folks in Fairfax, VA, should know about Dental Implants

This may sound cliché, but your smile truly is your best feature. It’s one of the first things people see when they meet you.

If you have damaged or missing teeth, you might feel self-conscious and avoid smiling as much as possible. But… it doesn’t have to be that way!

If you have multiple teeth that need replacing, you may have considered dentures – even though you know they’re uncomfortable, hard to wear, and don’t last long.

Maybe you’ve been considering dental implants, but you’re just not sure if they’re the right option for you.

Let us answer some questions you might have about dental implants. Hopefully, it will help you make an informed decision that you’ll feel good about – whether you have just one tooth to replace or all your teeth!

First, let’s get some of the common misconceptions about dental implants out of the way. Sometimes, people think that dental implants are painful, involve a complicated procedure, are uncomfortable, require long periods of recovery, or are too expensive.

Here’s what you need to know:

Dental implants are a long-lasting solution. On average, they can last 25 years and for some patients, even a lifetime… making them a great permanent solution for missing or damaged teeth.
Dental implants are virtually pain-free and require little downtime. You’ll have very little, if any downtime with a dental implant procedure. For a single tooth implant the discomfort level has been compared by some of our patients, to getting a filling. While you may experience some minor discomfort in the first few days, it can be easily controlled with over-the-counter pain medicine. For much larger procedures that involve removing teeth and placing multiple implants, generally patients need about 3 days to recuperate. This is mostly due to some swelling and the after-effects of having surgery under general anesthesia. Patients are able to manage quite well with appropriate prescription medications and some rest.
Dental implants are better than bridges or dentures. They last longer. They’re more comfortable. And they don’t damage any of your surrounding teeth, unlike bridges. They also fit into your mouth just like your natural tooth would… while dentures have been reported to be uncomfortable and look fake.
Dental implants are cosmetically appealing. Done properly they can look natural and they are professionally-matched to your current tooth color, so they blend right in with your natural teeth… giving you a full, confident smile.
Dental implants are comfortable. Because the screw mimics your tooth’s natural root, dental implants are very comfortable and feel just like your natural teeth in your mouth. After the procedure is complete, many patient even forget they have an implant!
Dental implants are surprisingly affordable. It’s likely that your dental implants will last a lifetime. They are comfortable they and look and feel natural in your mouth. Even still, you can expect to pay only in the low thousands per tooth. Most reputable practices offer affordable payment plans that make them even more affordable. And… depending on the reason for the implant, some insurances may even cover part of the procedure!

Your Expert in Dental Implants

As one of the area authorities on prosthodontics, Dr. Bonilla works in a state-of-the-art dental office, designed to deliver advanced cosmetic, implant, and restorative dental treatments all under one roof, quickly and efficiently.

The office features some of the most advanced technology available, including a 3D digital X-ray imaging system, an in-house dental lab, and a Trios-Intraoral Digital Scanner. The result is precise, predictable, and beautiful results – every time.

Special for our Fairfax neighbors.

Dr. Bonilla is making a special offer to all Fairfax residents. Come in for your Free Dental Implant consultation, and your visit will include a 3D Cone Beam scan free. In addition, if you choose to move forward with a full-arch treatment, you will receive 2 free cleanings during your first year after the procedure. That’s a $500-$1500 value, free, in appreciation for traveling to our office from Fairfax.
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